Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ta Da! It's finished!

After a mad rush involving blistered hands and a broken pick axe or two the trail is finally finished and officially open!

Hoo rah! Everyone have a beer and toast the Fungus...

Here are some photos of Arron trying it out for the first time....

This is just after the entrance at the top (where the trail merges with an existing one traversing the hill)

Rock section

Rock turn (that took me two weeks to carve)

Root section (this will be sweet after a bit of erosion)

Dog sitting section

Trail hog dog

Good views

Some nice rapid switchbacks

My first full bench...all those months ago...

And a drop or two...

Not sure of length yet, I reckon it's just shy of 750m. Total height (BIG guess here) 100-150m.

One person..ME...(with a bit of help from Arron)

Around 10-15 hours a week for six months. Entirely hand built except for the bamboo section that was cleared with a weed whacker. (I still had to dig out the bloody roots with a hoe though)

I saw five piles of human excrement, four snakes, three stray dogs, two lost hikers, numerous lizards, toads, frogs and even the fresh remains of a large rodent sliced clean in two by a hawk.

Three hoes, one rake, three pick axes, one sledge hammer, two saws, one rock and three wood chisels....oh and a petrol driven weed whacker. (used once prior to oil prices and a stubborn refusal to start)

Big thanks to James, his GPS, complete disregard for personal safety and the power of his mighty legs.

Plus all the support from friends and family (you know who you are) Your encourageent made me keep digging when I was thinking "y'know this was a really stupid idea"

Dedicated to Gucci the dog for keeping me company, compacting the tread and 'testing' the trail...

Go ride!


Anonymous said...

That is some feat!! You deserve lots of back patting for taking it on and completing it! Your legacy to Taiwan hikers and bikers!! M2

Phil said...

Sweet! Looks like it's been there for years. Perhaps you should start a TRAKS Taiwain chapter & get some work crews out to help on the next one!

Skmeetz said...

Impressive! If a couple other folks follow your lead, you'll have a huge trail network in a year! Cool stuff.